DigiVision Optical Refraction

Do You Want Better Than 20/20 Vision?

Most people believe that  20/20 vision is the “Perfect Vision”  . But that’s the old myth.  New advanced technology has improved the level of vision to beyond 20/20 vision.  Digi Refraction eye test has raised the gold standard of vision to better than 20/20.

keagan eye test machine in store

Home of the 4K Vision

DigiVision refraction is 5x more accurate than the traditional phoropter refraction.  The new technology first makes a wavefront map your eye, just like taking a finger print.  Then it refines your vision using 5x more refine steps, until you reach your ultimate Best Possible vision.   It outperforms the old ways of flipping lenses at 0.25 diopters steps (over 90% of the current eye tests are still using the older phoropter technology).