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Do You Want Vision That is Better Than 20/20?

What is perfect vision? Most people believe that 20/20 vision counts as “perfect vision.” But that’s an old myth. New, advanced technology has improved the level of vision beyond 20/20 vision.

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DigiVision refraction is 5x more accurate than traditional phoropter refraction. The new technology first makes a wavefront map your eye, as if you were taking a fingerprint. Then it refines your prescription so you can reach your ultimate vision. 

It outperforms the old ways of flipping lenses at 0.25 diopters steps. Over 90% of current eye tests still use older phoropter technology. 


See How Much Better You May Look

With our virtual frame-fitting feature, you can quickly sort through different frames without putting them on and taking them off. At most eyeglass stores, it can be tedious and sometimes confusing to find the right frames that complement your facial shape, skin color, and style.

Our unique artificial intelligence software will help you select the perfect frames that best accentuate your face. Go find your best look now!