Perfect Vision

Better Than 20/20 Vision Guaranteed


Perfect Look

Artificial Intelligent Frame Fitting Technology to Find Your Perfect Look


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Contact-Less Refraction and Lenses Fitting- Perfect Vision and Perfect Look

The difference? Advanced Digital Refraction and proprietary software that generates 5x more accurate prescriptions.

The result? Superior quality vision that is better than 20/20 — a guarantee you can’t get anywhere else.

Perfect Vision Beyond 20/20 Can Be Yours with 4k Vision Prescription Glasses

4K prescription glasses let you see beyond 20/20 vision

Perfect vision limited to 20/20 is a myth! At DigiVision, we crush the standard to offer everyone clear, picture-perfect 4k vision.  ​

To achieve this, DigiVision Optical created an advanced digital refraction instrument featuring Voice Guided User-Friendly technologies and digital lenses designed to map the details of your eye. Offering the highest quality frames, trendy styles, and beyond 20/20 vision, it’s no wonder that DigiVision has become the best place to buy prescription eyeglasses.

How it Works

New Arrivals

Customized Vision for a 4K World

Each eye is as unique as your fingerprint. Therefore, your prescription and glasses treatment should be too. Maxifye™ your vision with DigiVision Optical’s proprietary technologies.

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Refraction Technology
  • Digital Frame Shape Fitting at pixel size accuracy
  • Diamond Point™ Precision Cut Lenses
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COVID-19 Safe Options

DigiVision Optical is committed to providing a safe experience for our patients and staff.

We offer a number of services that provide top-notch care and clear vision, both in-stores and online:

  • Remote refraction
  • Advanced imaging measurements
  • Enhanced sanitization
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